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Affidavit [General]
Affidavit [US States]
Bill of Exchange
Bill of Lading
Bill of Sale
Bill of Sale [US States]
Building & Construction
Business [Agreements]
Business [Letters]
Child Custody & Support
Contract Clauses
Contract Provisions
Corporation [Resolutions]
Goods & Shipping
Guaranty [Gurantee]
Landlord [Property]
Living Will
Marriage [Provisions]
Music [Entertainment]
Negotiable Instruments [UCC]
Power of Attorney
Promissory Note
Promissory Note [U.S. States]
Realty [Real Estate]
Service Industry
Tenant [Renting]
Accounting  Back to Top
Accounts Payable Short Pay Authorization
Agreement For Accounting Services
Agreement With Registered Accountant
Audit Engagement Letter
Balance Sheet
Non Disclosure Agreement
Non-Recourse Receivables Assignment
Payroll Handcheck Requisition
Professional Services Agreement
Reimbursement of Expenses
Request For Signature
Vendor Information Sheet
Vendor Tax Information
Acknowledgment  Back to Top
Attorney In Fact
Attorney In Fact of Corporation
Attorney In Fact URAA
Corporate Partner
Corporation Type A
Corporation Type B
Corporation URAA
Independent Contractor
Individual URAA
Partnership URAA
Receipt of Collateral
Actor    Back to Top
Employment Agreement
Employment Agreement Non Union Day Player
Advertising  Back to Top
Agreement Between Advertiser & Ad Agency
Authorisation To Use Quotation
Commitment Form
Publication Advertising Agreement
Purchase order
Reciprocal Trade Agreement Contract
Refusal To Lend Company Name
Release With Authorization To Photograph
Request For Current Rates
Request For Rate Chart
Request For Telemarketing Information
Request For Television Advertising Rates
Request Sales Representative To Call
Retainer Agreement Advertising Agency
Sales Representative Agreement
Show Ground Agreement
Trade Journal Agreement
Affidavit  Back to Top
Age of Child
Blind Affiant
Bulk Sales
Forged Signature
Loan Purpose
Loss or Theft of A Negotiable Instrument
Loss of Stock Certificate
Lost, Stolen, Destroyed Stock Certificate
Loss With Agreement To Hold Harmless
Title Corporation
Title Individual
Unauthorized Signature or Endorsement
Waiver of Right of Rescission
[US States]  Back to Top
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Arbitration  Back to Top
Agreement To Submit Claim
Agreement Type A
Agreement Type B
Clause In Construction Subcontract Agreement
Submission Agreement
Submission of Claim Against Broke
Submission of Construction Contract Claims
Submission of Partnership Disputes Type A
Submission of Partnership Disputes Type B
Assignment  Back to Top
Accounts Receivable As Security For Loan
Accounts Receivable With Non Recourse
Accounts Receivable With Recourse
Article or Editorial
Assignees Assumption of Duties & Obligations
Bank Account
Benefit of Creditors
Cause of Action
Consent of Lease
Contract As Security For Loan
Contract To Sell Land
Contract To Sell Real Estate
Contract Type A
Contract Type B
Corporation Stock
Damage Claim
Entire Interest In Estate
Expectancy In Estate
Intellectual Property
Lease As Collateral
Letter of Credit
Life Insurance Policy As Collateral
Life Insurance Policy A Security
Literary Property
Patent Trademark & License Collateral
Publication Rights
Registered Copyright
Rents As Collateral
Rights of Recording Material
Sales Agreement
Savings Account
Security Agreement
Security Interest
Stock Certificate
Transfer of Share Certificate
Transfer of Stock Certificate
Wages Salary or Other Compensation For Services
Automobile  Back to Top
Agreement for Sale of Vehicle
Associate Lease
Bill Of Sale
Bill Of Sale By Individual To Individual
Closed-End Lease Without Option to Buy
Consignment Sale Agreement
Contract For Repossession Services
Contract For Sale of Motor Vehicle
Fleet Service Agreement
Notice of Cancellation of Service Contract
Rental Agreement Type A
Rental Agreement Type B
Repossession Agreement
Sale Power of Attorney
Sworn Statement to Insurer For Loss of Vehicle
Towing Services Agreement
Truck Rental Agreement
Uninsured Motorist Sworn Statement Proof of Loss
Aviation  Back to Top
Aerial Banner Towing Agreement
Agreement For Sale of Used Airplane
Agreement Revising Aircraft Terms of Note
Aircraft Charter Agreement
Airport Space Lease Agreement
Bill of Sale of Aircraft
Collateral Note Aircraft
Consent to Use Property as Collateral
Guaranty of Payment of Note With Waivers
Security Agreement Collateral To Secure Debt
Bailment  Back to Top
Contract Equipment To Be Tested By Prospective Purchaser
Contract General
Contract Goods Held As Collateral For Benefit of Bank
Contract Inspection of Goods
Notice of Termination of Indefinite Bailment
Banking  Back to Top
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Note
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Note Negative Amortization
Advance Payment Guarantee Unconditional
Advice of Authority To Pay Letter of Credit
Advice of Credit Nonsales Transaction
Advice of Credit Sales Transaction
Advice of Dishonor of Letter of Credit
Agreement Between Bank And Customer For Letter of Credit
Agreement To Assume Obligation Secured By Mortgage
Application For Irrevocable Commercial Letter of Credit
Assignment of Letter of Credit
Balloon Mortgage Note
Certificate of Transfer Agent & Registrar
Clean, Irrevocable & Transferable Letter of Credit
Collateral Note
Constant Payment Mortgage Note
Construction Mortgage
Conventional Mortgage Income Property
Form of Performance Bank Guarantee Conditional
Form of Performance Bank Guarantee Unconditional
General Letter of Credit
Graduated Payment Mortgage Note
Instructions To Counter Guaranteeing Bank
Irrevocable Letter of Credit
Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit
Letter of Instructions To Counter Guaranteeing Bank
Loan Agreement
Loan Commitment For Real Estate
Mortgage Assumption Agreement
Mortgagees Estoppel Certificate
Mortgage Servicing Transfer Disclosure
Notice of Increase In Credit Limit
Notice of Intention To Foreclose
Notice of Intent To Repossess Due To Default
Notice of Right of Rescission
Notice To Bank To Stop Payment On Check
Personal Property Loan Agreement
Progress Payment Guarantee Conditional
Progress Payment Guarantee Unconditional
Renewable Letter of Credit
Retention Monies Guarantee Conditional
Retention Monies Guarantee Unconditional
Shared Appreciation Loan Agreement
Stand By Letter of Credit
Stock Pledge Agreement
Term Note
Time Note
Trade Acceptance
Travelers Letter of Credit
Bankruptcy  Back to Top
Acceptance of Collection Claim
Affidavit Solicitation Of Proxies
Application To Pay Filing Fee In Installments
Bill of Sale By Liquidating Trustees
Court Bond By Petitioner
Mortgage Pledge & Security Agreement
Offer To Trustee To Purchase Bankrupt Assets
Reaffirmation Agreement
Bill of Exchange  Back to Top
Bill of Lading Back to Top
Through Bill of Lading
Bill of Sale  Back to Top
As Is
Business With Covenant Not to Compete
Mobile Home
U.S. States Back to Top
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Bond  Back to Top
Indemnity For Loss, Destruction Or Theft
Tender Conditional
Tender Unconditional
Warranty Conditional
Warranty Unconditional
Broker  Back to Top
Commission Agreement
Exclusive Agency Agreement
Exclusive Leasing Brokerage Agreement
Leasing Commission Agreement
Non Exclusive Agency Agreement
Non Exclusive Brokerage Agreement
Stock Brokerage Agency Agreement
Building & Construction  Back to Top
Agreement For Construction of Party Wall
Agreement for Construction of Residence
Agreement For Installation of Davit on Seawall
Agreement to Accelerate Progress of Contract Work
Agreement to Do Work
Agreement to Extend Performance Date
Along Common Boundary
Award of Contract To Successful Bidder
Bid Proposal
Breach of Contract Notice
Certificate For Progress Payment
Certificate of Default By Contractor
Certificate of Substantial Completion
Change Work order Agreement
Cleaning & Maintenance Agreement Type A
Cleaning & Maintenance Agreement Type B
Commitment Letter & Approval Of Loan
Consent To Structural Alteration
Consent To Zoning And Land Use Variance
Consulting Services Agreement
Contract Change Order
Contract For Construction of Private Road
Contracting Agreement Cost Plus Price
Contracting Agreement Large Job
Contracting Agreement Small Job
Contractor Agreement
Contractor Subcontractor Agreement
Contractors Warranty
Contract Proposal
Contract Residence
Contract Statement
Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contract
Cost Plus Percentage Contract
Driveway Easement Agreement
Driving Record Verification
Easement Agreement
Easement Agreement To Lay & operate Pipeline
Electrical Contractor & Maintenance Agreement
Engineering Services Agreement
Equipment Daily Check List
Equipment Lease
Equipment Maintenance Agreement
Equipment Rental Agreement
Equipment Service Log
Extension of Time To Complete Project
Extra Work order
Final Payment Release
Independent Contractor Agreement
Independent Service Contractor Agreement
Insurance Claim For Building & Personal Property
Job Proposal Acceptance
Job Proposal & Estimates
Job Site office Furniture Lease/Rental Agreement
Letter of Company Acceptance In Bib Process
Letter of Request For Job Bid
License Agreement For Private Crossing
Loan Agreement
Loan Commitment Letter
Maintenance Agreement
Mortgage Agreement
Mortgage Takeout Agreement
Notice of Completion
Notice of Defect Building Inspection
Notice of Draw Request
Notice of Non Responsibility
Notice of Rejection of Proposal & Contract
Notice of Termination of Construction
Notice To Bidders Award of Contract
Notice To Bidders Rejection of All Bids
Notice To Excavate Along Common Boundary
Open Space Easement
Past Due Notice
Performance Extension
Prime Building Contract Type A
Prime Building Contract Type B
Project Management Agreement
Property Easement Agreement
Proposal & Contract
Request For Price Quote
Safety Agreement
Security To Be Furnished
top Work Notice
Subcontract Agreement
Subcontractor Contractor Agreement
Submission Claims To Arbitration
Termination of Equipment Lease obligation
Unconditional Waiver & Release Upon Final Payment
Unconditional Waiver And Release Upon Progress Payment
Work For Hire Agreement
Business [Agreements] Back to Top
Articles of Incorporation of Cooperative
Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement
Basic Contract
Catering Services
Cessation of Usage of Business Name
Check For Storage of Parcel
Consent to Sublease
Conditional Sale
Confidential Information Disclosure
Confidentiality Type A
Confidentiality Type B
Co-Ownership of Intellectual Property
Covenant No To Sue
Creating Joint Venture
End Agency
Equipment Lease Renewal
Equipment Leasing
Equipment Maintenance Service
Equipment Rental
Escrow Agreement For Sale of Business
Escrow For Bulk Sales
Exchange of Personal Property
Exclusive Dealing
Execute Accidental Injuries
Execute Lease
Extending Contract
Extend Performance Date
Fees & Royalties
Fee Time Share
Firm Offer To Sell
General Non Compete
General Rental & Hire
Hire of Commercial Studio
Hunting License
Individual Acknowledgement
Join a Lottery Pool
Joint To End Agency
Joint Venture
Launderer's Lien For Services
License To Operate Concession
Licensing Trademark
Limitation of Marketing Area
Marketing Seminar
Messanger Service
Non Confidential
Non Disclosure
Office Lease
Option To Purchase Business
Option To Purchase Personal Property
Permission To Use Copyrighted Material
Permission To Use Quote Or Personal Statement
Personal Appearance
Power To Manage a Business
Priciple Agents Indemnity
Production Rights
Personal Appraisal Services
Request For Certificate of Copyright Registration
Sale of Business
Sale of Business By Transfer of Capital
Sale of Painting
Sale of Partial Interest In Invention
Sale of Textiles
Sale of Used Equipment
Sales Agency
Sales Distribution
Sales Representative
Secret Process
Sell Business
Seller & Auctioneer
Sole Distributorship
Special Promotions Events
Standard License
Statute of Limitation Waiver
Vending Machine
Business [Letters] Back to Top
Acknowledgment Of Product For Evaluation
Acknowledgment Of Receipt Of Letter
Additional Information For Loan Application
Announcement Of New Business
Announcement Of New Company Sales Rep
Announcement Of New Product Line
Apology For Delay In Shipment Of Goods
Apology For Late Payment-Payment Enclosed
Apology For Late Refund
Apology For Poor Service
Apology For Shipment In Excess Of Order
Assignment Of A Claim For Damages
Authorization To Negotiate
Best Wishes & Holiday Greetings
Charge Account Change Of Address & Maiden Name
Charge Account Credit Limit Increase
Charge Account Terms & Conditions
Check Returned Non Sufficient Funds
Commendation On Excellent Sales
Confirmation Of Time For Interview
Confirmation of Verbal Agreement To Written Contract
Congratulations On A Great Idea
Credit Card Has Expired
Decline of Joint Venture Proposal
Delinquent Account To Collection
Discontinued Goods No Longer Available
Discount Offer For Early Payment
Documents Enclosed For Signature
Error In Shipment Of Goods
Found Source Of Problem
Intent To Buy & Sell Assets
Line Of Credit Has Been Exceeded
No Credit Granted Until Account Is Paid
No Credit Granted Until Account Is Paid
Notice Advising Customer Of Delay
Notice Of An Increase In Price
Notice Of Arrived Backorder
Notice Of Change In Company Policy
Notice Of Change Of Billing Address
Notice Of Change Of Business Name
Notice Of Change Of Meeting Date
Notice Of Company Going Out Of Business
Notice Of Company New Address
Notice Of Goods No Longer Covered Under Warranty
Notice Of Overdue Account
Notice Of Partner Leaving Business
Notice Of Price Increase
Notice Of Private Sale Of Collateral
Notice Of Rejection Of Counter Proposal
Notice Of Rejection Of Proposal
Notice Of Special Company Discount
Notice To Cancel Shipment Of Back Ordered Goods
Notice To Grant Extension Of Time
Not Interviewing Job Applicants At This Time
Order Cannot Be Shipped Delinquent Account
Overdue Account Notify Collection Agency
Rebuttal To Incorrect Credit History Report
Reference Financial Institution
Refusal To Lend Company Name For Advertising
Release Information On Your Request
Request Credit Because Of Error
Request Credit To Be Applied To Account
Request For A Partner To Attend Meeting
Request For Certified Check Payments On Loan
Request For Certified Copies Of Documents
Request of Acceptance Of Contract Terms
Request For Current Advertising Rates
Request For Items From Mail Order Catalog
Request For Payment On Service Agreement
Request For Permission To Reprint Editorial
Request For The Following Account Details
Request For Wholesale Price List
Request Information About Product & Policy
Request Refund For Goods Returned
Response To Claim Of Lost Merchandise
Response To Liability Claim
Seeking Financial Partner
Seeking Joint Venture
Settlement Offer On Disputed Account
Start Litigation Unless Payment Received
Suppliers Demand For Instructions
Thank You Payment Received
Trade Show Questionnaire
Unable To Fill Order
Unable To Ship Order No Letter Of Credit
Warm Welcome To New Customer
Charitable  Back to Top
Lead Annuity Trust
Lead Annuity Trust Measured By Grantors Life
Remainder Annuity Trust Agreement
Remainder Unitrust Agreement
Child Custody & Support  Back to Top
Acknowledgement Of Paternity After Child's Birth
Acknowledgement Of Paternity Before Child's Birth
Child Support Agreement Illegitimate Child
Child Support Arrearage Agreement
Child Support Temporary Reduction
Child Support Temporary Suspension
Custodial Parent To Execute IRS Form 8332 In Favor of Non Custodial Parent
Designation of Preference For Guardian For Minors
Disputed Paternity Lump-Sum Settlement Before Child's Birth
Letter Of Contribution To Down Payment
Multiple Support With Allocation Of Dependency Deduction
Paternity Disputelump Sum Payment Denial, After Child's Birth
Permission For Child To Go On Trip
Power Of Attorney For Minor Children
Reward For Missing Person
Stepparent's Conduct Toward Children
Codicil  Back to Top
Autopsy Authorization
Bequest of Family Business
Forgive Debt Cancel Debt
New Executor
New Gifts
New Spouse
Cohabitation  Back to Top
Agreement Type A
Agreement Type B
Non Marriage Living Together Agreement
Termination of Cohabitation
Termination of Non Marital agreement
Computer  Back to Top
Agreement For Sale of Existing Equipment
Agreement For Sale of New Equipment
Agreement For Sale of Computer Used Equipment
Agreement To Purchase Disc's For Overlabeling
Agreement To Secure Writer For Technical Manual
Agreement To Supply Bulk Computer Disc's
Copyright Notice
Net Lease
Notice To Users Concerning Viruses
Service Agreement
Consulting  Back to Top
Agreement For Data Recovery
Agreement With Consultant
Business Agreement
General Agreement
Non Competition Agreement
Non Disclosure Agreement
Services Agreement
Contract Clauses  Back to Top
Abandoned Property
Acceleration On Default
Access To Information
Access To Records
Accounting Of Outside Income
Advice Of Legal Counsel
Agreement Not As Commitment
Amendments And Modifications
Amendments Type A
Amendments Type B
Arbitration As An Exclusive Remedy
Arbitration In Brokerage Agreement
Arbitration In Construction Agreement
Arbitration In Employment Agreement
Attorney Fees
Audit Services
Automatic Renewal
Binding Arbitration Type A
Binding Arbitration Type B
Binding Effect
Board Of Managers
Cancellation Of Purchase Order
Condition Agreement
Contribution Of Additional Capital
Copyright Notice
Correction Of Existing Agreement
Costs Type A
Costs Type B
Costs Type C
Co Trustee
Counterparts Type A
Counterparts Type B
Damage To Work In Progress
Defining Managers Leasing Responsibilities
Defining Managers Responsibility Sales & Rentals
Delivery of Collateral To Lenders
Destruction of Building
Disclaimer of All Implied Warranties
Disclaimer of Implied Warranty Against Infringement
Disclaimer of Implied Warranty of Fitness
Disclaimer of Implied Warranty of Title
Dispute Resolution
Duration of Agreement
Entire Agreement Type A
Entire Agreement Type B
Equitable Relief
Exclusion of Oral Statements
Exclusive Remedy Provision
Execute Papers
Exercise of Option
Export Restrictions Type A
Export Restrictions Type B
Express Warranty Against Infringement
Express Warranty of Goods
Express Warranty of Fitness For Particular Purpose
Express Warranty of Good Title
Express Warranty of Merchantability
Express Warranty Sample of Goods Type A
Express Warranty Sample of Goods Type B
Express Warranty Sample of Goods Type C
Expulsion Of Partner
Force Majeure
Forecast Of Purchase Quantities
Freedom Of Action
Further Assurances
General Purpose of Corporation
General Release
Governing Law
Identification of Parties
Independent Contractor
Injunctive Relief
Interpretation Type A
Interpretation Type B
Interpretation Type C
Invalid Provisions
Limitation Of Actions
Limitation Of Liability
Minimum & Maximum Consulting Hours
No Actions or Proceedings
No Assignment
No Modification
Non Commitment
Non Competition
Nondisclosure Type A
Nondisclosure Type B
Non Insured Medical Expenses
Non Waiver Exercise Of Rights
No Oral Modification
No Representation
No Subordination
No Subordination Ground Lease
No Subordination Mortgage
Notices Type A
Notices Type B
Oral Changes
Partnership Assets Owned By Partnership Type A
Partnership Assets Owned By Partnership Type B
Payment of Costs
Payments By Installments
Performance Of Party's Obligations
Personal Information
Priority of Warranties
Professional Obligations
Purchase Money Mortgage
Purpose of Separation
Quality Control Type A
Quality Control Type B
Quality Control Type C
Reimbursement Of Expenses
Remedies Cumulative Type A
Remedies Cumulative Type B
Requirements For Endorsement
Restrictive Covenant
Restrictive Covenant Assignable By Buyer
Retention & Description Of Services
Return Documents
Right To Compete With Partnership Business
Right To Terminate
Right To Use Withdrawing Partners Name
Risk Of Loss Or Destruction
Rules & Regulations
Security Deposit
Seller's Representations & Warranties
Seller's Restrictive Covenant
Seller To Financing Agency
Severability Type A
Severability Type B
Special Or Consequential Damages
Successors & Assigns
Survival of Obligations
Survival of Representations
Term & Termination
Termination By Notice
Terms Of Arbitration
Third Party Beneficiaries
Third Party Beneficiaries of Warranties
Time Of The Essence
Transfer Of Rights
Transfers of Partnership Interest
Utility Charges
Valuation Of Partnership Interests
Waiver Of Contractual Right
Contract Provisions  Back to Top
Additional Provisions For Office Lease
Adjustment of Price By Seller
Allocation of Risk of Loss
Estimate Based On Prior Output
Estimate Based On Prior Requirements
Exclusive Remedy
General Partners Fidelity Provision
Goods Delivered In Commercial Units
Goods Delivered In Installments
Goods To Conform To Specifications
Good To Conform To Specifications Exactly
Goods To Conform To Specifications Within Tolerances
Later Determination of Purchase Price
Management Agreement Apartment
Management Agreement Condominium
No Arrival No Sale Type A
No Arrival No Sale Type B
Partners Agreement Not To Compete
Partnerships Right of First Refusal
Power of Appointment
Price Determined By Market Price
Prohibition Against Assignment
Prohibition Against Assignment Mortgaging Subletting
Purchase By Partnership of Deceased Partners Interest
Purchase Option In House Lease
Release Provision To Apply To All Joint Tort Feasors Debtors
Righ To Remove Trustees
Right To Assign Or Sublet To Affiliate Or Successor
Right To Invade Principal
Risk of Loss In Accordance With Parties Insurance Coverage
Risk of Loss With Buyer
Risk of Loss With Seller
Sales Agreement Complete & Entire
Sample To Prevail Over Technical Specifications
Shareholders Non Compete Agreement
Successor Trustees
Technical Specifications To Prevail Over Sample
Wraparound Mortgage
Corporate  Back to Top
Acknowledgment By Attorney In Fact
Acknowledgment By Corporate Partner
Acknowledgment By Corporation
Affidavit of Loss Of Stock Certificate
Agreement of Covenant Not To Sue
Agreement Taxed As Subchapter S Corporation
Agreement To Organize Closely Held Corportion
Agreement To Redeem Stock on Stockholder's Death
Articles of Incorporation
Articles of Incorporation of a Nominee Corporation
Articles of Incorporation Small Corporation
Assignee's Assumption Of Duties & Obligations
Authorize Appointment of Director or Officer
Buy-Sell Agreement Between Stockholders
Buy-Sell Agreement On Stockholders Death
Buy-Sell Agreement On Termination of Employment
Bylaw Indemnification of Officers & Directors
Bylaw Stock With More Than One Vote Per Share
Bylaw Transactions With Interested Directors
Cash Flow Promissory Note
Certificate of Incorporation Professional Corporation
Classes of Stock Voting & Non Voting
Common Stock More Than One Vote Per Share
Comprehensive Purposes & Powers Provision
Consent of Board to Action Without Meeting
Consent of Stockholders to Corporate Action
Cross Receipt Type 1
Cross Receipt Type 2
Due Diligence Checklist
General Stock Option
Irrevocable Proxy
Letter of Intent to Buy Capital Stock of Corporation
Model Bylaws Non Stock or Stock Cooperative
Model Bylaws Professional Corporation
Model Bylaws Stock Corporation
Model Proxy
Non Confidential Agreement
Notice of Transfer Restriction on Stock Certificate
Notice Special Meeting of Board of Directors
Notice Special Meeting of Stockholders
Notice To Buy Shares For Investment
Notice To Stockholders of Stock Dividend
Pledge of Shares of Stock
Preferred & Common Stock
Production Agreement
Registration Letter
Registration Rights Agreement
Request For Acceleration
Resolutions of The Board
Revocable Proxy
Revocation of Subchapter S Election
Revolving Credit Agreement
Sale of Business By Transfer of Capital
Shareholders Agreement
Shareholders Agreement For a Small Corporation
Shareholders Agreement To Submit Claims To Arbitration
Share Subscription Agreement
Stock Brokerage Agency Agreement
Stock Certificate Assignment
Stockholders Buy- Sell Agreement
Stockholders Voting Agreement
Stock Option For Employees Not Tax Sheltered
Stock Purchase Agreement Unregistered Stock
Stock Transfer Restrictions Professional Corporation
Stop Transfer Notice
Subscription Agreement
Subscription To Corporate Stock
Term Loan Agreement
Voting Trust Agreement
Corporation Resolutions  Back to Top
Board of Director Resolutions
Acceptance of Offer To Purchase Shares
Adopting Amendment to Articles of Incorporation
Amendment of Bylaws
Advising Approval of Merger
Advising Filing of Bankruptcy & Calling Shareholders Meeting
Appointment of Attorneys
Approving Credit Line
Employee Medical & Dental Plan
Authorizing of Scholarship Aid Program
Authorizing Adjustment In Surplus After Reappraisal of Assets
Authorizing Adoption Group Life Insurance
Authorizing of Financial Counseling Plan
Authorizing of Group Legal Services Plan
Authorizing of Wage Continuation
Authorizing To Defend Against A Claim
Authorizing Conversion of Excess Depreciation To Surplus
Authorizing Educational Loan Plan
Authorizing Litigation
Authorizing Loans To Directors or Employees
Authorizing Loan To Pay Dividend
Authorizing President Expense Account
Authorizing Purchase of Private Club Membership
Authorizing Reappraisal of Assets
Authorizing Reimbursement To officer
Changing officers Salaries
Consent of Board To Action Without Meeting
Declaring An Extra Dividend
Declaring A Regular Dividend
Declaring Stock Dividend
Designating A Purchasing Agent
Distribution of Proceeds of Sale of Corporate Assets
Engaging New Accountant
Filling Vacancy On Board
Fixing Attendance Fees For Directors
Leasing Corporate offices
Officers Bonus To Be Paid In Stock
President's Authority To Negotiate Contract
Purchase of Real Estate
Salary Declared Unreasonable
Salary Termination of Officers
Sale & Leaseback of Real Estate
Set Officers Bonus At Stated Amount
Setting Aside Shares of Stock For Stock Option Plan
Setting Christmas Bonus For Employees
Setting Officers Bonus Based On Net Profits
Setting Salary
Skipping a Dividend
Stating Corporations Dividend Policy
General Resolutions
Accept Director's Resignation
Acquire Assets of Business
Acquire Shares of Stock
Adopt Amendment To Articles
Adopt A Severance Benefit Plan
Adopt Cafeteria Plan of Benefits
Adopt Employee Benefit Plan
Adopt Employee Welfare Plan
Adopting Stock Option Plan
Adopt Seal
Adopt Trade Name
Adopt Wage Continuation Plan
Amend Articles of Incorporation
Amend Bylaws Type A
Amend Bylaws Type B
Appoint Appraiser & Appraise Assets
Appoint a Purchasing Agent
Approve Cash Bonus
Approve Employee Loan Program
Approve Employee Scholarship Benefits
Approve Group Legal Benefits
Approve Life Insurance Benefits
Approve Loan To Pay Dividend
Approve Profit-Sharing Plan
Approve Qualified Stock Option Plan
Approve Stock Bonus To Directors
Approve Stock Option Plan
Assign Lease
At-Home Entertainment Allowance
Authorisation of Employee Medical-Dental Plan
Authorize Additional Cash Dividend
Authorize Appointment of Director or Officer
Authorize Borrowing On Line of Credit
Authorize Charge Account
Authorize Christmas Bonuses
Authorize Contract
Authorize Country Club Membership
Authorize Directors Compensation
Authorize Franchise Agreement
Authorize Group Medical & Dental Benefits
Authorize Leave of Absence
Authorize Raise
Authorize Repayment Plan
Authorize Sale & Leaseback
Authorizing Borrowing of Money
Authorizing Execution of Guaranty Agreement
Authorizing Issuance of Stock For Property
Authorizing Issuance of Stock For Services
Authorizing Mortgage of Corporate Property
Authorizing Purchase of Property
Authorizing Rental of Property
Authorizing Sale of Corporate Assets
Blanket Authority To Sell Assets
Borrow Against Accounts Receivable
Borrow Capital
Borrow From Designated Bank
Borrow On Inventory & Equipment
Call Shareholders Meeting
Certificate of Corporate
Change Amount of Authorized Shares
Change Corporate Address
Change Corporate Name
Change Date of Annual Meeting
Child Care Plan
Club Membership
Combined Incentive Stock Option Plan
Commence Litigation
Company Car
Corporate Borrowing
Declare An Extra Dividend
Declaring A Cash Dividend
Declaring A Dividend In Kind
Declaring A Stock Dividend
Declaring A Stock Dividend With Cash Payments In Lieu of Fractional Shares
Defend Suit
Dissolve Corporation And For Shareholder Approval
Entertainment Allowance
Exercise Option To Extend Lease
Factor Accounts Receivable
File For Receivership
Fill Vacancy On Board
Financial Counseling Plan
Fix Salary
Granting Authority To Sign & Issue Negotiable Instruments
Grant Mortgage Security Interest
Indemnify & Save Harmless
Issue Guarantee
Issue Option To Buy Shares
Issue Release
Lease Equipment
Lease Motor Vehicles
Lease Premises
Loan Funds
Low Interest Company Loan
Make Assignment For Benefit of Creditors
Make Charitable Contribution
Merchandise Discount Program
Modify Officer Salaries
Negotiate Contract
Obtain Corporate Charge Card
Obtain License
Obtain Trademark
Open Bank Checking Account
Open Banking Relationship
Pay Officer Bonuses
Performance Bonus
Providing For Retention of Accumulated Earnings
Purchase Boat
Purchase Equipment
Purchase Motor Vehicle
Purchase Real Estate
Qualify As A Foreign Corporation
Ratification of Minutes of The First Meeting of Shareholders
Ratify Acts
Reimburse Lender
Relocation Allowance
Remove An officer Or Director
Repay Excess Compensation
Retain Accountant
Retain Attorney
Retain Business Broker
Retain Consultant
Retain Earnings
Sell Assets Subject To Shareholder Approval
Sell Business Assets
Sell Corporate Shares
Sell Equipment
Sell Motor Vehicle
Sell Real Estate
Settle Litigation
Skip A Dividend
Special Meeting To Elect Directors
Special Shareholders Meeting
State Corporation's Dividend Policy
Stock Bonus For officers
Sublet Space
Terminate Contract
Terminate Employee
Terminate Foreign Corporation Status
Terminate Lease
Terminate Officer Salaries
Wage Continuation Plan
Waive Restrictions On Transfer
Shareholder Resolutions
Adopting Employees Welfare Plan
Adoption of Pension Plan
Adoption of Profit Sharing Plan
Approval of Benefit Plan
Approval of Dissolution
Approval of Sale of Corporate Assets
Approval of Stock Option Plan
Approving Loans To officers & Employees
Approving Merger With Wholly Owned Subsidiary
Assets Purchase
Authorizing Assignment For Benefit of Creditors
Blanket Authority To Sell Property
Borrowing On Accounts Receivable
Borrowing On Inventory & Equipment
Changing Corporation Address
Changing Name of Corporation
Increasing Capital Stock
Collateral  Back to Top
Acknowledgment of Receipt
Collection  Back to Top
Agency Agreement
Agreement To Compromise Debt
Apology For Late Payment Payment Enclosed
Apology For Payment Error
Arrangement With Creditors
Commence Litigation Unless Payment Received
Delinquent Account Payment Proposal
Delinquent Account Seven Days Notice
Delinquent Account To Collection
Demand On Guarantor
Demand To Endorsers
Discount Offer For Early Payment
Disputed Account Settlement Offer
Disputed Balance Notice
Final Notice Before Legal Action
Guarantee Agreement
Letter of Credit General
Letter of Credit Irrevocable
Letter of Dispute
Letter of Overdue Account Type 1
Letter of Overdue Account Type 2
Letter of Overdue Account Type 3
Letter of Overdue Account Type 4
Letter of Overdue Account Type 5
Letter of Overdue Account Type 6
Letter of Overdue Account Type 7
Notice of Assignment of Account For Collection
Offer To Settle Disputed Account
Overdue Account Notify Agency
Past Due Notice
Settlement Agreement
Settlement Offer On Disputed Account
Thank You Payment Received
Credit  Back to Top
Account Credit Information Request
Advice of Credit Sales Transaction
Advice of Credit Nonsales Transaction
Apology For Late Refund
Apology In Account
Application Release of Information
Business Credit Application
Card Holder Inquiry Billing Error
Charge Account Terms & Conditions
Consumer Credit Application
Disapproval of Credit Other Than By Credit Bureau
Extension For Overdue Account
Finance Terms & Conditions
Guarantee Agreement
Guarantees Limited & Unlimited
Limit Notification
Line Has Been Exceeded
New Charge Account Denied
Pledge of Stock For Debt
Purchase Requirement Agreement
Revolving Grid Note
Special Terms Rejected
Thank You Payment Received
Debt  Back to Top
Agreement Subordinating Debt Evidenced By Note
Agreement to Compromise Debt
Agreement to Extend Debt Payment
Financing Statement
Installment Agreement
Installment Payment Acknowledgement
Letter of Installment Agreement To Pay Debt
Notice Of Assignment
Pledge Of Stock For Debt
Subordination Agreement
Surety Agreement
Deeds  Back to Top
Assignment Of Deed Of Trust
Bargain & Sale
Condominium Unit
Deed Conveying Condominium Unit To Charity
Conveying Farm To Charity With Reservation of Life Tenancy In Donor
Conveying Undivided Share of Entire Interest In Real Estate)
Fee Time Share
Gift Of Donor's Life Estate In Publicly Traded Securities
Gift Of Painting To Person Not Related To Donor
Gift of Retained Life Interest In Painting
Gift of Shares In Cooperative Housing
Gift To Museum Of Remainder Interest In Painting
Gift To Museum Of Donor's Entire Interest In Art
Interest In Well
Life Estate
Quit Claim
Reserving Mining Rights For A Specific Term
Water Rights
Demands  Back to Top
Letter On Guarantor
Letter To Endorsers
Note Payable At Bank
Placement of Statement In Credit Bureau Report
Divorce  Back to Top
Agreement (Comprhensive--Long Form)
Drafts  Back to Top
General Form
Notice Of Dishonor Of Draft
Reference To Sales Transaction
Sight Draft To Order of Payee
Standard Form Of Negotiable Sight Draft US Dollars
Standard Form Of Negotiable Time Draft US
Voucher Form
Education  Back to Top
Adjourned Meeting
Agreement Not To Discriminate
Agreement of Non-Competition
Agreement of The County Teacher's Association
Appeal of School District Boundary Change
Appearance In Court
Application For Other Positions
Assignment of Teachers
Attendance At Teachers Meetings
Automatic Extension For Teacher
Books & Supplies
Building & Equipment Maintenance
Cause For Dismissal
Certificate of District Clerk
Change of School District Boundaries
Code of Ethics
Compensation When School Is Closed
Compensation While On Jury Duty
Consent To Change School District Boundaries
Damages & Liquidation
Deductions From Teachers Compensation Type A
Deductions From Teachers Compensation Type B
Effects To Be Binding
Form For Teacher Assignment Type A
Form For Teacher Assignment Type B
Maternity Leave
Minutes of School Board Meeting
Notice of Election To School Office
Notice of School Board Meeting
Notice of Special Election
Notice To Teacher of Salary
Oath of School Board Officers
Payment Form
Payment of Compensation Type A
Payment of Compensation Type B
Payment of Compensation Type C
Petition For Election In The School Board
Post Dismissal Compensation
Preservation of Property
Real Estate Property To School District For School Purposes
Reassignment of Teachers
Reimbursement For Travel
Reimbursement of Losses of Personal Property
Resignation of Teacher
Return From Leave of Absence
Salary Adjustment For Cost of Living
School Rules & Regulations
Settlement By Arbitration
Statement of Devotion To School
Temporary Appointment To School Office
Termination of Employment Type A
Termination of Employment Type B
Termination of Employment Type C
Tuition Payment of Courses
Use of School Materials
Employment Back to Top
Accrued Benefits Statement
Acknowledged Resignation
Acknowledgement of Application
Acknowledgement of Disclaimer & Application
Acknowledgement of Employment Test
Acknowledgement of Independent Contractor
Acknowledgement of Resume
Acknowledgement of Temporary Employment
Agreement Branch Manager
Agreement Employee of Professional Corporation
Agreement of Company To Pay Moving Expenses
Agreement of Internship
Agreement of Salary Reduction
Agreement Salesperson
Agreement Standard
Agreement To Accept Night Work
Announcement of New Employee
Applicant Checklist
Applicant Rating
Applicant Referral Program
Applicant Waiver
Arbitration Clause In Agreement
Assignment of Wages & Salary
Assignment of Wages Or Other Compensation For Services
Authorization of Payroll Deduction
Authorization To Release Information
Authorization For Medical Test
Basic Agreement
Bonus For Employee Referral
Boxing Employment Agreement
Car Pool Plan
Clerical Applicant Rating
Confidentiality Agreement
Confirmation of Employment
Confirming Interview
Conflict of Interest Declaration
Consent For Drug And Alcohol Testing Type A
Consent For Drug And Alcohol Testing Type B
Contract Basic
Critical Incidents Report
Direct Deposit Authorisation
Disability Certificate
Disciplinary Notice
Disciplinary Warning
Emergency Phone Numbers
Employee Absence Report
Employee Assignment of Invention Rights To Employer
Employee Benefits Analysis
Employee Benefits List
Employee Change of Personal Information
Employee Checkout Record
Employee Exit Interview
Employee Health Record
Employee Mutual Release
Employee Non-Compete Agreement Type A
Employee Non-Compete Agreement Type B
Employee Performance Review
Employee Raise Not Appropriate
Employee Rating Response
Employee Reimbursement Agreement
Employee Release
Employee Request To Inspect Personnel File
Employee's Agreement Not To Disclose Trade Secrets
Employee's Agreement To Assign Invention Rights To Employer
Employees Consent To Disclose Information
Employee Secrecy Agreement
Employee Status Change
Employee Suggestion
Employee Transfer Request
Employer Indemnity Agreement
Excessive Absenteeism Warning
Expense Account Report
Final Dismissal Notice
Final Warning Before Dismissal
First Warning Notice
Foreign Agreement
Funeral Leave Request
General Agreement
General Non-Compete Agreemen
Grievance Form
Invention Agreement Binding Employee
Involuntary Discharge
Job Position Not Available
Lease of Employee
Letter of Commendation
Letter of Resignation
Letter of Termination For Intoxication On The Job
Letter Terminating Sales Representative
Letter To Employer Covered By Trade Secrets Agreement
Medical Consent
Military Duty Absence
New Promotion Announcement To All Employees
No Decision On Hiring
Notice of Employee Suspension
Notice of Waiver of Confidentiality
Notice of Termination Due To Absence
Notice of Unsatisfactory Behaviour of Employee
Notice To Employee To Keep Accurate Vehicle Records
Not Interviewing Job Applicants At This Time
Overqualified For Position
Overtime Permit
Payment of Employee's Moving Expenses
Performance Analysis Employee Worksheet
Personnel Checklist
Pre-Employment Checklist
Receipt of Employee Handbook
Refusal To Grant References
Release of Claim For Personal Injuries By Employee
Relocation Expense Approval
Requested History of Employee
Request For Reference
Retirement Checklist
Salary Recommendation Form
Sales Representative Agreement
Second Warning Notice
Stock Option Agreement Between Employer & Employee
Stock Option For Employees Not Tax Sheltered
Supervisor's Report of Work Related Injury
Suspension Without Pay Notice
Temporary Personnel Requisition
Temporary Requisition
Vacation Request
Verification Letter
Verification of Education
Verification Request
Voluntary Resignation
Waiver of Liability
Withholding Tax Information
Factoring  Back to Top
Accounts Receivable Agreement
Agreement Between Factor & Principal
Financing Agreement
Farming Back to Top
Animal Feeding & Caring Agreement
Articles Of Incorporation Of Farmer's Cooperative
Contract For Sale Of Animals
Contract For Sale Of Growing Crops
Deed Conveying Farm To Charity With Life Tenancy
Livestock Feeding & Maintenance Agreement
Memorandum Allocating Payment Of Taxes
Option To Purchase Personal Property
Security Agreement Farm Products & Equipment
Film  Back to Top
Film Rights Option Agreement
Franchise Back to Top
Accounting Procedures
Accounting Procedures Weekly
Additional Symbols To Be Used
Agreement For Health Inspection
Agreement Sale of Franchisors Products
Agreement To Pay Charge of Service
Assignment & Transfer Restrictions
Available Assistance For Franchisee
Available Assistance Provided Franchisee
Book & Record Inspection
Close Out Sale of Trademarked Product
Compensation Form
Completion of Training
Conditions of Passing Training Program
Confidentiality Agreement
Continual Support of Franchisee By Franchiser A
Continual Support of Franchisee By Franchiser B
Contract Inspection By Franchisee
Contracts Between Franchisees & Sub Franchisees
Contract Termination
Corporation Reorganization
Corporation Assignment
Corporation Name of Franchise Operation
Death of Franchisee & Transfer of Agreement
Employee Standards
Employee Training
Employee Training Programs
Exclusive Area of Distribution
Exclusivitity of Territory
Fees & Royalties
First Right of Refusal For Reassignment
Food Products License
Franchisees Continuing Education Program
Franchisee's First Refusal Right New Franchises
Franchisees Inability To Perform Due To Poor Health
Franchisee's Right To Form Corporation
Franchisee's Training Program
Franchiser Indemnification
Franchiser's Consent To Use Additional Logos
Franchise Systems Updates
Further Training of Employees or Franchisor
Grand Opening Promotion
Inspection of Premise
Inspections By Authorized Agents
Insurance of Liability
Intent To Form Corporation By Franchisee
Labeling of Unauthorized Products
License Grant
License Grant-Sub Franchise Right
License Grant-Territory Protection
Location Franchiser Sublease Franchisee
Maintaining Designated Address
Manuals For Training
Marketing Trust Fund & Usuage
Meetings & Seminars
Miscellaneous Products To Be Purchased
Monthly Reporting
Name & Product Protection
Network of Franchiser
Non-Compete Agreement
Non-Notification of Termination
Nontransfer of Grant
Performance Regulations
Personal Management
Population Dependent Exclusivity
Premise Leases
Premise Standard
Preopening Requirments
Product Confidentiality
Promotional Campaigns
Promotion Fees
Property Lease & Facility
Protection of Trademark
Purchase of Non-specific Food Products
Purchase of Specific Products
Purchase of Trademarked Supplies
Purchasing Specific Supplies From Franchiser
Record of Bill of Sale
Renewal Terms
Reports Quaterly
Representation of Statements
Restriction of Trademark Usuage
Special Programs Credit Cards
Special Promotions & Events
Standard Operational Procedures
Suspending Use of Non Quailfied Supplies
Temporary Managment of Franchise By Franchiser
Termination Due To Condemnation of Property
Termination of Agreement Without Penalties
Termination Procedures
Termination Restrictions
Termination Rights
Trademark Protection & Costs
Trademark Protection Upon Severing Contract
Trademark Requirements & Usage
Trademark Requirements For Usage
Training Course Attendees & Attendance
Training Manuals
Unauthorized Assignment To Void Contract
Unauthorized Products
Unauthorized Usage of Logos
Unit Quantity
Gifts  Back to Top
Agreement Between Donor & Donee of Income Producing Property
Agreement of Donor of Income Producing Property
To Minor Under Uniform Gift To Minors Act Type A
To Minor Under Uniform Gift To Minors Act Type B
To Spouse of Life Estate In Personal Property
Goods & Shipping Back to Top
Acceptance of An Order
Acceptance of Damaged Goods
Acceptance of Order With Delivery In Lots
Accepting Return Of Defective Goods
Acknowledgement & Acceptance Of Order
Acknowledgement of Confirmation Of Company's Ability To Supply
Acknowledgement of Modified Terms
Acknowledgement of Phone Conversation Past Due Balance
Acknowledgement of Receipt Of Goods
Acknowledgement of Receipt Of Invoice
Acknowledgement of Request For Adjustment Of Credit
Agreement of Bulk Sale Of Goods
Agreement For Price Paid In Goods
Agreement For The Sale of Goods
Announcing New Employee On Sales Team
Announcing New Merchandise
Apology For Delay In Shipment Of Goods
Apology For Delay Of Goods
Apology For Shipment In Excess Of Order
Appointment of New Sales Representative
Arbitration Agreement
Assignment of Sales Agreement
Basic Contract For The Sale of Goods
Basic Purchase Order For Goods
Basic Sales Confirmation For Goods
Bulk Sales Agreement
Buyers Notice of Discovery of Breach
Buyers Right To Inspect
Certification of No Changes In Representations & Warranties
Claim Of Lost Merchandise
Conditional Sale Agreement
Confirmation of Verbal Order
Congratulations On Company Expansion
Consignment Sale Letter
Contract For Purchase of Goods
Contract For Purchase Of Goods
Contract For Sale of Goods On Consignment
Defects In Goods After Acceptance
Delegation of Duties Under Sales Agreement
Delivered On Approval Basis
Delivery By Common Carrier
Demand For Acknowledgement Of Shipping Dates
Demand For Delivery
Demand For Delivery After Payment
Demand For Explanation of Rejected Goods
Demand For Shipping Dates
Demand On Guarantor
Disclaimer of All Implied Warranties
Disclaimer of Implied Warranty Against Infringement
Disclaimer of Implied Warranty of Title
Discontinued Goods No Longer Available
Disputed Account Settlement Offer
Disputed Balance Notice
Do Not Meet The Specifications Of Contract
Error In Shipment of Goods
Express Warranty Against Infringement
Express Warranty Of Good Title
Express Warranty Sample of Goods
Firm Offer To Supply Specific Goods
Firm Price Quote
In Possession of Third Party
Instructions For Return Of Damaged Goods
Instructions For Return Of Damaged Merchandise
Invitation To View New Shipment
Letter Accompanying Enclosed Company Brochure
Letter of Company Updated Price List
Letter of Reason For Unavailability Of Product
Letter of Request For Evaluation Of Sample
Located Source Of Problem
Manufactured To Buyers Specifications
Model Number No Company Record
No Longer Covered Under Warranty
No Record Of Return Of Goods
Notice By Buyer To Seller Of Rejection Of Goods
Notice of Damage On Delivery
Notice of Election To Return Goods
Notice of Exercise of Option To Return Goods
Notice of Holding Goods For Specific Reasons
Notice of Intent To Sell Unfinished Goods
Notice of Mistake Shipping Goods In Excess of Order
Notice of Non Conforming Goods
Notice of No Record of Shipping Instructions
Notice of Ordered Product On Backorder
Notice of Rejection of Goods
Notice of Replacement of Rejected Goods
Notice of Resale
Notice of Return of Goods Sold On Approval
Notice of Revocation of Acceptance
Notice of Sale of Goods Due To Breach of Contract
Notice of Two Week Delay In The Shipment of Order
Notice o Warehouse Lien & Sale
Notice of Withheld Delivery
Notice of Withholding Future Deliveries
Notice Shipped On Specific Date
Notice to Cancel Credit
Notice to Cancel Entire Order
Notice to Cancel Shipment Of Back Ordered Goods
Notice to Elect To Accept Damaged Goods
Notice to Stop Goods In Transit
Not Stock Line Special Order Only
Novation of Sales Agreement
Order Cannot Be Shipped
Order Confirmation
Ordered Product Not In Stock For Several Weeks
Output Or Requirements
Partial Delivery of Goods Agreement
Payment on Specific Accounts
Priority of Warranties
Products Sold Direct Not Through Wholesalers
Product Warranty Expired
Property Loss Report
Purchase Requirement Agreement
Purchasing Agreement
Purchasing Agreement Specific Terms
Receipt for Delivery of Goods
Response To Incomplete Order
Retraction of Waiver
Return of Goods After Trial
Risk of Loss In Accord With Parties Insurance Policy
Risk of Loss With Buyer
Risk of Loss With Seller
Sale on Approval Acknowledgement
Sale on Approval Type A
Sale on Approval Type B
Sale on Consignment Acknowledgement
Sale Or Return Type A
Sale Or Return Type B
Sale Subject To Approval
Sellers Agreement To Repurchase
Sellers offer To Placate Buyer
Sellers Request For Delivery Instructions
Shipment of Goods In Excess Of Original Order
Shipped On Consignment Basis
Shipping Document
Specific Item Not Located In Shipping Carton
Stock Sale Purchase Agreement
Suppliers Demand For Instructions
Suppliers Demand For Prompt Delivery Instructions
Supply Agreement
Third-Party Beneficiaries Of Warranties
Trade Acceptance
Unable To Accept Return Of Goods
Unable To Ship Goods At This Time
Unable To Ship Merchadise As Scheduled
Unexpected Delay In Shipment
Waiver of Nonconformity
Warehouse Receipt
Guaranty  Back to Top
Agreement Guarantor's Collateral To Secure Payment
Agreement Limited Sum
Anothers Indebtedness
Collection of Note
Lease with Warranties
Payment & Endorsement of Instrument
Payment of Instrument Type A
Payment of Instrument Type B
Payment of Note By Endorser
Payment of Note With Waivers
Signature on Instrument
Signature with Waivers
Indemnify  Back to Top
Hold Harmless Agreement
Insurance Back to Top
Private Annuity Agreement
Subrogation Agreement
Sworn Statement In Proof of Loss
International  Back to Top
Agency Agreement
Bank Guarantees
Distribution Agreement
Distribution Developer Agreement
Exclusive Territory Of Sales Agency In Foreign Country
Joint Venture Agreement Foreign Investment
Open Space Easement In Gross Conveyed To Government Body
Production Rights Agreement
Quotaholder Agreement
Standard License Agreement
Internet  Back to Top
Application Release For Flame Room
Contract For Sale & Purchase
Gif Section Application
Network Access & Service Agreement
Order For Classified Advertising For The Internet
Peering Agreement
Sub-Board Agreement Promotional Consideration
Trademark Infringement Internet Domain
Website Copyright Cease and Desist Order
Website Designing Services Agreement
Website Terms And Conditions
Landlord [Property]  Back to Top
Agreement For Extension of Lease
Consent To Assignment of Lease
Notice Ending At Will Tenancy
Notice Non Payment of Rent
Notice of Holding Over
Notice of Rent Arrears
Notice of Rent Default
Notice To Make Repairs
Notice To Sell Unclaimed Property At Auction
Notice To Terminate Lease
Notice To Terminate Tenancy At Will Type A
Notice To Terminate Tenancy At Will Type B
Notice To Vacate For Failure To Pay Rent
Notice To Vacate Property
Waiver of Claim To Fixtures
Waiver To Tenants Fixtures
Leases  Back to Top
Agreement For Furnished House
Agreement To Execute Lease & Deposit Receipt
Agreement to Lease With Option to Purchase
Amendment Type A
Amendment Type B
Apartment Fully Furnished
Assignment As Collateral
Assignment Type A
Assignment Type B
Business Agreement
Cancellation Agreement
Commercial Equipment & Security Agreement
Commercial Property
Commercial Type A
Commercial Type B
Consent To Assignment
Consent To Sublease
Equipment Agreement
Equipment Leasing Agreement
Extension Agreement Type A
Extension Agreement Type B
General Property
Guaranty With Warranties
Month To Month
Mutual Cancellation
Mutual Termination
Notice of Assignment
Notice of Breach
Notice of Intent To Repossess Due To Default
Notice To Exercise Option
Operating Cost Escalations
Option To Purchase
Parking Lot
Parking Space
Personal Equipment
Rules & Regulations For office Lease
Short Form
Storage Space
Sublease Agreement Type A
Sublease Agreement Type B
Subordination Agreement
Unfurnished Home
Living Will  Back to Top
Continue Care Reverse
Coupled With Durable Power of Attorney
General Form
Marine  Back to Top
Agreement For Brokerage of Vessel
Agreement For Hire of Boat
Agreement For Purchase of Yacht
Boat Building Agreement
Boat Charter Agreement
Boat Consignment Agreement
Boat Hire Agreement
Contract For Sale of Used Boat
Ship Personnel's Release Personal Injury Claims
Termination of Boat Building Contract
Marriage  Back to Top
Assumption Of Community Property Debts
Authorization Automatic Deposit Paycheck
Certification By Counsel That Parties Know Legal Effects of Separation Agreement
Charge Accounts
Community Property Earnings Remain Separate Property
Consent To Marriage Of Minor
Converting Separate Property Into Community Property
Conveyance Conditional On Reconciliation
Deposit Of Earnings In Joint Bank Account
Disposition Of Remains
Establishment & Maintenance Family Budget
Financial Counseling
Gift To Spouse of Life Estate In Personal Property
Monthly Payments To Wife
Multiple Support With Share Of Dependency Deduction
Option to Purchase Personal Property From Ex Spouse
Parties Know Legal Effects of Separation
Private Adoption
Ratification of Existing Marriage
Reconcilliation Pending Abstinence
Revolving Multiple Support Agreement
Separate & Divide Up Property
Separate With Stipulation As To Division of Property
Separation Agreement For Fixed Term
Separation Termination
Termination Of Wife's Employment
Transfer Of Property To One Spouse
Transfer Of Property To Wife
Waiving Right of Inheritance
Waiving Support If Marriage Ends
Marriage [Provisions] Back to Top
Automatic Increase Or Decrease In Support Payments Type A
Automatic Increase Or Decrease In Support Payments Type B
Automatic Increase Or Decrease In Support Payments Type C
Automatic Increase Or Decrease In Support Payments Type D
Automatic Increase Or Decrease In Support Payments Type E
Disposition of Apartment Lease
Disposition of Professional License
Fixed Support Payments Over More Than 3 Years
Fixed Support Payments Over 3 Years
Future Earnings
Income Taxes Filing & Liability Type A
Income Taxes Filing & Liability Type B
Income Taxes Filing & Liability Type C
Income Taxes Filing & Liability Type D
Income Taxes Filing & Liability Type E
Income Taxes Separation Agreement
Medical Dental & Disability Insurance Type A
Medical Dental & Disability Insurance Type B
Medical Dental & Disability Insurance Type C
Medical Dental & Disability Insurance Type D
Medical Dental & Disability Insurance Type E
Only One Party Represented By Attorney
Payment of Debts
Reduction of Support & Maintenance Payment
Special Medical & Dental Needs of Children
Support & Maintenance of Spouse Type A
Support & Maintenance of Spouse Type B
Support & Maintenance of Spouse Type C
Support & Maintenance of Spouse Type D
Support & Maintenance of Spouse Type E
Visitation of Children By Relatives
Media  Back to Top
Broadcasting Agreement
Notice Of Confirmation Of Newspaper Interview
Notice Of Confirmation Of Radiostation Interview
Notice of Request For Demographic Details & Advertising Costs
Notice of Request For Magazine Rate Card
Radio Station Reciprocal Trade Agreement
Reciprocal Trade Agreement Contract
Release With Authorization To Photograph
Retraction & Release Agreement
Sponsorship Agreement
Survey Report
Mining  Back to Top
Conveyance Of Mineral Rights
Deed Reserving All Mining & Mineral Rights
Deed Reserving Mining Rights For A Specific Term
Lease Of Oil Rights
Medical  Back to Top
Authorization For Release of Information
Authorization For Treatment
Autopsy Authorization
Consent For Operation
Consent For Operation Next Of Kin
Consent To Surgery & Release
Declaration For Physicians
Durable Power Of Attorney
Organ Donation Form
Records Release Form
Release Alleged Malpractice Claims
Release of Hospital & Physician
Release Of Physician & Hospital If Treatment Not Completed
Release Of Physician & Semen
Music [Entertainment]  Back to Top
Music Agreement of Release of Musician
Agreement of Rights To Reprint Copyrighted Lyrics
Musical Arrangement Work for Hire Agreement
Assignment of Rights of Recording Material
Band Agreement
Booking Agreement
Box License Agreement
Compilation Release Form
Letter of Agreement To Extend Print Lyric License
License for Use of Lyrics
License For Use of Lyrics In A Book
License for Use of Lyrics In Print Advertisements
License For Use Of Lyrics Distribution Of A Recording
Management Agreement Long Form
Management Agreement Short Form
Personal Appearance Contract
Publishing Administration Agreement
Publishing Agreement
Retraction & Release Agreement
Royalties Agreement
Single Song Printed Music License Agreement
Single Song Printed Music Publishing Agreement
Song Agreement
Music Studio Letter of Agreement
Music Technical Advisor & Consultant Agreement
Negotiable Instruments [UCC]  Back to Top
Affidavit Denying Receipt Of Notice of Dishonor
Affidavit of Notice of Dishonor By Mail
Agreement of Bulk Sale of Goods
Certificate of Express Mailing
Certificate of Protest of Commercial Paper
Counter Demands
General Form Note Negotiable Under Certain Conditions
Indemnification Agreement Replacement Cashiers Check
List of Creditors
Merchants Firm Offer To Supply Specific Goods
Notice By Adverse Claimant Stop Payment To Holder
Notice of Litigation To Party Answerable Over On Instrument
Notice of Non Acceptance
Notice of Non Payment
Notice of Renunciation To Party Liable On Instrument
Notice To Creditors Required By Article 6 of The Uniform Commercial Code
Presentment By Mail
Schedule of Property Required By Rrticle 6 of The Uniform Commercial Code
Secured Demand Note Under The Uniform Commercial Code
Secured Time Note Note Part of Series
Secured Time Note Under The Uniform Commercial Code
Waiver of Compliance With Uniform Commercial Code
Notices  Back to Top
Acceptance of Order With Delivery In Lots
Acceptance of Television Interview
Approval of Business Credit Application
Arbitration Hearing
Arbitrator Appoinment
Arrival of Backorder Type A
Arrival of Backorder Type B
Assignee Assignment
Assignment of Account For Collection
Assignment of Lease
Assignor Assignment
Available Position
Bad Check
Breach of Contract
Breach of Warranty
Bulk Transfer
Buyer To Seller of Rejection of Goods
Cancellation of Back Ordered Items
Cancellation of Customer Purchase Order
Cancellation of Service Contract
Cash On Delivery Terms
Cease & Desist
Change In Terms of Sales Representative Agreement
Change In Terms of Tenancy Rent
Change of Billing Address
Change of Tenancy Terms & Conditions
Claim of Defective Goods
Company Established Workday & Workweek
Company Pricing & Shipping Information
Compensation For Faulty Goods
Completed Repairs & Service To Equipment
Confirmation o Employment of Marketing Consultant
Confirmation of Interview Acceptance
Confirmation of Newspaper Interview
Confirmation of Radio Station Interview
Credit Limit
Decline For Advertising
Decline To Lend Company Name For Advertising
Defect Building Inspection
Defect In Title
Defective Goods
Delivery of Incorrect Product
Discontinued Brand & Model of Goods
Dishonored Check Type A
Dishonored Check Type B
Dishonor of Draft
Dishonor of Note
Dismissal Due To Work Rules Violation
Dissent of Shareholder
Equal Opportunity Policy
Firm Leaving Financial Institution
Immediate Hire of Sales Representative
Interest In New Marketing Campaign
Job Interview
Job Opening
Legal Suit Filed
New Company Policy On Paid Commission
New Line of Products
No Foreign Buy of Company Products
Ordered Parts Now In Stock
Overdue Account
Parts Missing From Orignal Order
Private Sale
Private Sale of Collateral
Public Sale
Read Product Warranty Carefully
Reduction In Workforce
Refusal To Accept Delivery
Regret To Supply Purchase Order
Replacement Product
Replacement Product For Advertising
Repossession of Collateral & Private Sale
Request For Summary of Personal Qualifications
Results of Product Market Evaluation
Return of Approval Sale Products
Revoking Power of Former employee
Right of Rescission
Salary Increase
Sale of Collateral At Public Auction
Sale of Pledged Collateral
Secured Party of Purchase Money Security Interest
Sell Products Through Distributors
Special Discount
Stop Payment On Check
Storage Termination
Violation of Warranty
Zoning Application
Partnership  Back to Top
Access Of Heirs of Deceased To Records
Acquisition of Products
Additional Capital Contributions
Admission of Additional Partner
Agreement Extending Term
Agreement For Loan To Partner & Security
Agreement Not To Engage In Conflict Of Interest
Agreement of Assumption of Debt By New Partner
Agreement of Business Conduction By Partners
Agreement of Dissolution Of General Partnership
Agreement of Final Account Reporting
Agreement of Fixed Salary
Agreement of General Drawing Account
Agreement of Limited Partnership Interest
Agreement of Maximum Drawing Account Limit
Agreement of Operating Expense Salary
Agreement of Option Of Partner To Retire
Agreement of Partner Expulsion
Agreement of Power Of Attorney
Agreement of Salary Prohibition
Agreement of Unanimous Approval Of All Partners
Agreement of Weekly Salary
Agreement To Admit New Partner
Agrement of Worker's Compensation
Allocation of Gain Or Loss On Sale Of Property
Appointment of Management Committee
Appointment of Managing Partner
Appointment of Treasurer
Bookkeeping Services Receipts
Buy-Sell Agreement Funded With Insurance
Capital Contributions
Certificate of Formation of Limited Partnership
Cessation of Agreement Due To Death Of A Partner
Cessation of Usage Of Business Name
Contributions To Partnership
Dealings With Specific Individuals
Deeds & Conveyances By A Managing Partner
Disolve of Partnership Agreement
Dissolution Agreement
Distribution of Unequal Profits
Effective Date of Agreement
Fiscal Year Partnership
Formation of Limited Partnership
General Non-Compete Agreement
General Partnership Agreement
Hours Of Devotion
Husband & Wife Termination By Divorce
Liability Release By Partners
Limitation On Competing Business Activity
Limitation On Speculation By Partner
Limitations On Extraneous Transactions
Limitations Patents & Trade Secrets
Limited Agreement
Limited Agreement With Buy-Out Provisions
Limited Partners Grant of Power of Attorney
Master Limited Agreement
Minimum Profit Needed For Dispersal Agreement
Notification To Terminate Partnership
Partner Authority Limitations
Partner Consent For Withdrawing Member
Professional Partnership Agreement
Profit & Loss Division
Profits As Operating Capital
Proportional Profit & Loss Distribution
Purchase of Deceased Partner's Interest
Purchase of Disabled Partner's Interest
Purpose of Partnership
Remittal For Excess Capital Contributions
Right Of First Refusal
Right To Expel Partners
Right To Remove General Partner
Right To Remove General Partner Interest
Salary Of Senior Partner
Sale of Partnership Interest
Sale or Transfer Of Partners Interests
Security For Additional Capital Contribution
Submission of Partnership Disputes To Arbitration
Termination & Disbursements of Assets
Transactions Between Partners
Patent  Back to Top
Assignment Type A
Assignment Type B
Exclusive License To Exploit Patent
Infringement of Patents
Pledge Back to Top
Agreement Certificate Of Deposit
Agreement Securities
As Collateral Security to Secure Payment
General Agreement
Personal Property Agreement
Property Agreement
Sale of Business
Shares of Stock
Stock For Debt
Power of Attorney  Back to Top
Address Change
Administrator Executor
Durable Type A
Durable Type B
Employer To Pay Wages
For Minor Children
Indorse Negotiable Instruments
Joint Attorneys
Power To Confess Judgment
Settle Estate
Special For Medical Authorization
Special To Sign Checks
Springing Durable
Trademark Registration
Probate Back to Top
Bid For The Purchase of Real Property
Promissory Notes  Back to Top
Agreement Extending Maturity of Note
Agreement Revising Terms of Note
Agreement Subordinating Debt Evidenced By Note
Cash Flow
Collateral Note Type A
Collateral Note Type B
Collateral Note ype C
Deed Of Trust Note
Default Notice
Demand Note
Demand Note Payable At Bank
Disclosure Statement & Note Type A
Disclosure Statement & Note Type B
General Form
General With Interest On Unpaid Payments
How Notes Work In 2021
How To Avoid Mistakes
Installment Note With Acceleration Clause
Joint & Several
Law In 2021
Letter of Default Type A
Letter of Default Type B
Line of Credit
Notice Of Dishonor Of Note Type A
Notice Of Dishonor Of Note Type B
Notice To Endorsers Of Default On Note
Notice To Guarantor Of Default On Note
Reference To Agreement
Secured & Unsecured Notes
Shared Appreciation Mortgage
Single Installment Note
U.S. State Notes  Back to Top
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Proprietary  Back to Top
Know How License Agreement
Publishing  Back to Top
Authorisation To Use Quotation
Between Publisher & Translator
Contract Writer
Copyright Assignment Publisher To Publisher
Copyright Assignment Publisher To Songwriter
Copyright Between Author And Magazine Editor
Creative Works Agreement
Electronic Distribution
Fees & Royalties
Group Print
Illustration & Artwork
Joint Copyright Authors
Literary Agency
Mass Market Paperback Rights
Permission To Reprint
Permission To Reprint Release Form
Permission To Use Copyrighted Material Type A
Permission To Use Copyrighted Material Type B
Permission To Use Quote Or Personal Statement
Publication Distribution
Publication Freelance Writer
Reprint Copyrighted Material
Retraction & Release
Secure Publication Illustrator
Secure Writer For Computer Technical Manual
Special Markets
Syndication of Comic Strip Feature
With Photographer
Writer Magazine
Realty [Real Estate] Back to Top
Agreement For Installment Sale of Realty
Agreement For Payment of Taxes on Donated Condominium-unit
Agreement For Professional Appraisal Services
Agreement For Two Party Exchange Of Realty
Agreement of Consent To Structural Alteration
Agreement To Close Subject To Credit
Agreement To Convert Tenancy
Agreement To Execute Lease & Deposit Receipt
Agreement To Rescind Contract Of Sale
Apartment Service Call Record
Articles Of Incorporation Condominium Association
Assignment of Commercial Lease
Auction Agreement To Auction Property
Bargain & Sale Deed
Basic Form Of Contract For Sale Of Realty
Bid For The Purchase Of Real Property
Brokerage Agreement Exclusive
Brokerage Agreement Non Exclusive
Brokerage Exchange Agreement
Broker Agreement
Buyer's Notice Of Defect Termites
Bylaws of Condominium Association
Cancellation of Lease
Certificate Of Installation
Commercial Property Lease
Condominium Unit Deed
Condominium Unit Purchase Agreement
Consent To Zoning Land Use Variance
Contract For Installment Sale Of Realty
Contract For Moving House
Contract For Sale Of Real Estate
Contract For Three Party Exchange Of Realty
Demand For Return Of Deposit
Driveway Easement Agreement
Easement Agreement
Easement To Lay & Operate Pipeline
Escrow Agreement
Escrow Instructions For Closing
Exclusive Brokerage Listing Sale Agreement
Extension of Brokerage Listing Agreement
Fee Time Share Contract of Sale
Guaranty Of Rents
Investment Report
Leasing Commission Agreement
Letter of Inclusion of Name For Additional Liability
Loan Commitment For Real Estate
Maintenance Agreement
Maintenance Agreement Office Building
Marketable Title Amendment
Memorandum Allocating Payment of Taxes
Mobile Home Lot Rental
Notice of Intention To Foreclose
Objection To Proposed Variance
Occupancy Agreement Type A
Occupancy Agreement Type B
Occupation After Closing By Seller
Offer To Purchase Real Estate
Offer To Settle Real Estate Property
Open Listing Realty Agreement
Operating Cost Escalations
Option Agreement With Extension
Option To Buy Real Estate Agreement
Option To Purchase Realty
Ownership Agreement
Parking Lot Lease Agreement
Proposed Structure Encroachment
Purchase Bid Personal Property Amendment
Purchase Bid Property Status Amendment
Purchase Bid Secure Financing Amendment
Rental Property Work Repair Record
Request For Signature
Residential Rental Agreement
Sale Of Personal Property With Sale Of Home
Salesperson Independent Contractor Agreement
Storage Space Lease
Sworn Statement In Proof Of Loss
Sworn Statement To Insurer For Property Loss
Waiver Of Landlord's Claim
Release Back to Top
Applicant For Bicycle Racing License
Applicant For Entry In Bicycle Racing Event
Authorization To Photograph
Authorization To Photograph Subject
Claim For Personal Injuries By Employee Type A
Claim For Personal Injuries By Employee Type B
General Type A
General Type B
General Type C
General Type D
General Type E
Individual Participating In Dangerous Activity
Individuals Release Inherently Dangerous Activity
Individuals In Watersports Activity
Lessor's Release Of Lessee
Liability By Estate
Motorcycle Racing
Mutual Type A
Mutual Type B
Photograph & Illustrations
Provision To Apply To All Joint Tortfeasors Debtors
Ultra-Hazardous Activity
Request Back to Top
Certified Copies of Documents
Copy of Credit Bureau Report
Credit Information
Disclosure of Credit Information
Evaluation of Company Sample
Following Account Details
Immediate Refund
Information of Inactive Credit Account
Information Payment
Information To Expedite Repair of Product
Letter of Credit
Payment of Merchandise
Permission To Reprint Article
Price Quote
Proof of Delivery
Reason For Discrepancy
Refund For Goods Returned
Repair of Goods Under warranty
Request For Bank Credit Reference
Shipping Instructions
Statement of Account & List of Collateral
Statement Together with Payment
Supply Product In Lieu of Original Order
Trade Credit Reference
Rental Back to Top
Addendum Roommate Agreement
Agreement Between Tenants In Common
Agreement For Rent of Waterbed
Agreement Month To Month
Agreement of Concent To Sublease
Agreement of Guarantee of Rental Under Lease
Agreement of Lessors Release of Lessee
Agreement of Mutual Termination of Lease
Agreement To Convert Tenancy To Tenancy In Common
Agreement To Execute Lease & Deposit Receipt
Apartment Rules & Regulations
Apartment Service Call Record
Application For Rent
Assignment of Rents By Lessor With Repurchase Agreement
At Will Tenancy Termination
Consent To Structural Alteration
Cosigner Guarantor Agreement
Deposit Receipt & Agreement
Employment Verification
Furniture Lease & Rental Agreement
Month To Month Lease Agreement
Notice of Intent To Enter Premises
Notice of Overdue Rent
Notice to Deliver Up Possession of Premises
Notice To Pay Rent Or Quit
Occupancy Agreement
Payment Pledge
Perform Covenant
Personal Property Rental Agreement
Pet Agreement
Pledge of Property Agreement
Property Inspection Checlist
Property Work Repair Record
Receipt & Key Agreement
Request For Credit History
Residential Rental Agreement
Site Visit Report
Sublease Agreement
Termination of Tenancy By Tenant
Timely Maintenance Guarantee
Vacancy Charges
Vacancy Termination Letter of Requirements
Waterbed Agreement
Work Repair Record
Retainer  Back to Top
Agreement Accountant
Agreement Advertising Agency
Agreement General Counsel
Agreement Prosecution Of Action
Contingent Fee
Letter With Accountant Overall Fee Limit
Sales  Back to Top
Agency Agreement Exclusive
Agreement For Agency Detailed
Agreement For Agent
Agreement For Sale of Business
Security  Back to Top
Agreement Accounts Receivable Financing
Agreement Collateral To Secure Debt
Agreement Inventory
Agreement Sale of Collateral
Agreement Provision For Storage Of Collateral
Agreement Type A
Agreement Type B
Assignment of Contract as Security for Loan
Consent To Use of Property As Collateral
Discharge of Interest
Interest Release
Loan Agreement
Subordination Agreement To Secured Debt
Surety Agreement
Service Industry  Back to Top
Acknowledgement of Receipt of Bid
Apartment Call
Certificate of Installation
Cleaning Agreement
Cleaning & Maintenance Agreement
Close To Season Reminder Pool Maintenance
Commitment Form
Confirmation of Telephone Call Regarding Service
Confirmation of Verbal Agreement To Written Contract
Contract For Sale & Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers
Contractor Maintenance Contract
Customer Request
Electrical Service & Maintenance Agreement
Engineering Agreement
Equipment Maintenance Agreement
Gardening & Lawn Service Agreement
Increase In Billing Costs
Independent Contractor Agreement
Letter Acknowledging Completed Questionnaire
Maintenance Agreement
Pest Control Agreement
Professional Appraisal Agreement
Request For Agreed Payment
Swimming Pool Agreement
Terms & Conditions of Payment of Hire Equipment
Time Request For Personnel To Call
Software  Back to Top
Agreement Betweent Programmer & Publisher
Agreement For Consulting Regarding Data Recovery
Agreement For Development To Specifications
Agreement To Buy Computer Disc's For Overlabeling
Agreement To Supply Bulk Computer Disc's
Agreement With Contract Programmer
Beta Test Agreement
Custom Contract Buy Out
Customer Software Maintenance Agreement
Electronic Distribution Agreement
End-User License Of Data
End-User License Of Data & Program
General Conditions For Supply & Services
Joint Authors Agreement
License Agreement
Manual Technical Writing Agreement
Notice To Users About Viruses; Limitation Of Liability
Outsourcing Agreement
Production Agreement
Tenant [Renting]  Back to Top
Automobile Parking Space Lease
Estoppel Certificate
Information Record
Lease Subordination Agreement
Notice of Intention To Vacate
Notice To Make Repairs
Notice To Terminate Lease
Prohibition Against Assignment Mortgaging Subletting
Request For Maintenance
Termination of Tenancy
Trademark  Back to Top
Infringement Internet Domain
License Collateral Assignment
Licensing Agreement
Power of Attorney Registration
Renewal of Registration
Reservation of Rights
Usage By Franchisee
Trusts  Back to Top
Acceptance of Trusteeship
Charitable Type A
Charitable Type B
Cohabitating Couple With Children From Previous Marriages
Declaration of Irrevocable Trust
Declaration of Life Insurance
Declaration of Revocable Trust
Deed Note
Designation of Successor Trustee By Trustee
Irrevocable Discretionary Trust
Irrevocable Living Trust
Irrevocable Trust Agreement
Notice of Default
Provision In Living Trust For Reversion of Principal
Public Charitable Trust
Qualification of Family For Unified Tax Credit
Qualified Personal Residence Trust
Renunciation By Successor Trustee
Resignation of Trustee
Simple Qualified Terminable Interest Property
Supplemental Needs
Testamentary Estate Qualifying For Marital Excemption
Testamentary For Disabled Child
Testamentary Marital Trust
Wills  Back to Top
Affidavit of Witness
Agreement To Make Mutual Wills
Agreement Waiving Right of Inheritance
All To Charity
All To Children
All To Spouse
Appointment of Conservator
Authorizing Executor To Carry On Decedent's Business
Change of Beneficiary
Change of Beneficiary Notice
Disclaimer of Interest
General Requirements
Last Will & Testament Detailed
Last Will & Testament Worksheet
Nuncupative Oral Will Later Reduced To Writing
Revival of Previously Revoked Will
Transfer of Expectancy To Third Party
Various Beneficiaries Unequal Shares